How did I get here?

AT 50 years of age, I can’t begin to calculate how much of that time has been spent in gyms – all types of gyms: weight-lifting; CrossFit: boxing; globo… And in that time I’ve accumulated what they call experience. I’ve seen and practised both good and bad, what works and does not. I’ve also been fortunate to work with some incredibly smart and knowledgable people in the ‘fitness’ industry and world of health. Now I’m trying to make a difference – by sharing and, more importantly, empowering.

Let me say this: we all deserve to be fit and strong into old age. That’s how our bodies were designed. And I enjoy helping those who want to take that path.

The Amazing 12 program is my main vehicle of choice and I am also a Level 1 certified MovNat instructor. The Amazing 12 is a masterpiece of a recipe for physical transformation cooked up by a Northern Irishman, Paul McIlroy, one of the world’s most astute minds and teachers of strength and conditioning and the physical adaptation to training.

People ask me, ‘Why the Amazing 12?’ and I explain that nothing I have tried or seen comes close to rivalling it in terms of simultaneously gaining strength, maximising fitness and enhancing body composition in a specified time.

MovNat is what it says on the package – Natural Movement. It’s about efficiency, practicality and adaptability and moving our bodies in the way they were intended. I enjoy combining the elements of the Amazing 12 and MovNat. I run weight-lifting courses for women beginners, teach kettlebell basics and run a weekly boxing fitness class for ladies.

On these pages I share my passion for fitness, strength, health, movement and physical and mental improvement. It’s a place where I can combine my love of all things related to well-being and writing. I will do this through my own thoughts, values, principles and experiences and those of the people I admire and respect who, unwittingly, have mentored my own progress and evolution. Here, too, you can follow the journeys of those who train with or alongside me and/or under my guidance.